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Guitar/Bass/Ukulele Lessons

Minimum age: 5.5 years old

Express Yourself On The Guitar/Bass/Ukulele

Build strong fundamentals on the guitar/bass either acoustic or electric so you are well-equipped to play in any genre. 

Develop your left hand (fretting hand) as well as your right-hand (plucking/strumming hand) techniques for either the guitar or bass to enable yourself to play that challenging Funk, Rock or Country tune  or even a classical tune.

Acquire the ability to read standard music notation and tablature for the guitar/bass for a steady foundation in your musical journey and equip yourself with adequate music theory to provide the ability to write original music, expand your creativity and learn to improvise on the instrument.

– Exercises to build your left (fretting) hand techniques 
– Repertoire to develop your right (strumming/plucking) hand techniques
– Reading music notation (Bass/Guitar) and/or tablature 
– Play by ear
– Improvisation 
– Music theory
– Learn the variety of genre


Ukulele / Guitar / Bass

Ukulele / Guitar / Bass


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Mon—Fri, 11am - 7pm
Sat, Sun, 10am - 7pm


81 Clemenceau Avenue #03-12
UE Square Singapore 239917
3 mins walk from Fort Canning MRT (DT20)


Email: [email protected]
Call: (65) 9863 9953
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